Thursday, 17 March 2011

Simon in the Sky with..........Lyrics..

These are basically a picture of Simon, cut out and placed over the sky/clouds background.
With a letterbox

These pictures brought to mind some Biffy sky related lyrics lol. So the sky was darkened in the pictures to relate to the lyrics:

Lyrics by Simon Neil from Joy.Discovery.Invention.

Lyrics by Simon Neil from Justboy

Friday, 25 February 2011

Puzzle Piece Mon the Biff Wallpaper

This puzzle overlay image was made for the header of the blog and we thought it would make a good wallpaper too. So here it is with 'Mon the Biff'

Or for the older Biffy fans, you may be more used to 'Mon the Biffy' so here it is again:

These look best as 'centered' desktop backgrounds rather than 'stretch to fit'

Change your settings by right-clicking on your desktop and selecting 'perzonalize' then 'desktop background'.
So which are you, Mon the Biff or Mon the Biffy??

Lu. xXx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Best Live Band

Just a quick post to congratulate Biffy Clyro on winning  the Best Live Band at the NME awards!

Get in, 'mon the effing biff!!!!

Biffy Clyro Black and White Group Wallpaper

A simple wallpaper here. The image is scanned and cropped from a Biffy Clyro poster that we have and just placed on a black and white background. Picked up their Blackened Sky album and just copied the font style for the writing. I really like this one <3

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Biffy Clyro - Mountains Wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper based on the Biffy Clyro song -Mountains (Lyrics by Simon Neil).

Picture of Simon was cut from a photo and edited to remove the microphone across his body and blended in to the dark as the original photo has his shoes cut off lol. Will drew the mountains/sea himself.

And below is the same wallpaper without the 'you are my mountain, you are my sea' lyrics, incase you preferred that to be implied by the pictures lol.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Simon Neil Rainbow Wallpaper

This is the second background he made for me. Awesome! He just cut Simon's image from a stage photo and replicated and repeated layers in rainbow colours. I asked for the image to the right to avoid the desktop icons covering it.

And here is a second variation he made after with added stars (why not!) :

Again, feel free to use them or comment. x

Biffy Clyro Group Wallpaper

This is the first background I asked my bf to make for me. I basically asked for a picture of all of them, split into three with Biffy Clyro written underneath. And ta da! Only took him about 5 minutes which I was seriously impressed with so that's why I decided to make this blog.

You can click on the wallpapers to make them bigger. Then right click and 'set as desktop background' to use as a desktop wallpaper. You may need to mess around with your desktop background settings if it looks weird. (ie center the picture, tile it, expand it etc).

I use this one, centered and with the background colour selected to black.